Pot of Gold Special: From the plane to the bar…

Yes it’s the Pot of Gold special! And boy, have we got a special for you… Originally we recorded just over FOUR podcasts in our time in Cleveland. Now… we KNOW that this is called “It’s Your Round” – unfortunately much of the recording was done AFTER quite a few rounds… so I’ve clipped the hell out of the episodes and brought you just the best bits. The highlights are:

  • We’re joined by Richard Ladbrook – someone who’s had enormous success from Google AdWords amongst other things
  • We’re joined (in the middle) by Vicki LaBouchardiere – author and life coach
  • We discuss much of the Pot of Gold event we’re going to in Cleveland, WHY we’re going plus what we’ve got out of it
  • A lot of laughter….

We’ll be back soon with a (sober) look at the Pot of Gold overall, plus we’re bringing back the accountability! Stay tuned!


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