Episode 8: Dev’s Video Success (er..) and Promotional Products…

In this most spectacularly awesome episode, we talk about how Dev, er, didn’t quite get his videos done. Well, he did, and he didn’t. He tried. That’s the main thing, right? Accountability and all that – he did do what he said he would but he hit problems. Don’t we all have that problem from time to time? The most important thing is – he’ll have them all done for next week.

We also talk about Promotional Products. It’s easy to waste your money on Promo Products and we strongly recommend you talk to Mo Yusuff over at Club Row Creations who’s the Author of Promo Power Supremacy – find out more at www.clubrowcreations.co.uk.

We also reveal the listener’s swear word of the week – as well as our own. Next week, who knows what the swear word will be… What’s the most offensive thing you can think of? Let us know! 🙂

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