Episode 22: Where have we been? Where are we RIGHT NOW? PLUS a special guest…

Episode 22 and we’re back! Ben and Dev are chatting to a special guest in this awesome return of “It’s Your Round”.

Where have we been? Well, I (Ben) can’t speak for Dev but I’ve been dealing with a lot of change in my business, and sometimes you have to put certain things on hold (sometimes indefinitely – but that’s not true for our Podcast). We’re coming back in your ears every Friday!

But forget where we’ve been … Where are we? And who’s our special guest? Well, he’s none other than Dom Hodgson – the author of “How To Be Your Dog’s Superhero” and an extremely, extremely smart man that’s now showing other pet business owners how to grow their business.

This whole podcast is awesome, including the interruption we had from the cleaners (and the minor technical glitch I suffered at the end). No edits, raw entertainment for your listening pleasure (and it’s not just that either, it’s seriously educational … but in a fun way).


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